Introducing Flynn!

So before I go off about how adorable my new puppy is, you need to know the back story! After I was at the post office getting my passport papers done (going on a cruise this winter, STAY TUNED!), my mom and I stopped by to see available puppies, (because that always goes over well, right?). That's where I met this precious cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel- Poodle Mix), with beautiful merle fur.  When I first glanced at him, I immediately felt a connection. Not to mention, he has one brown eye and one blue eye, could it get any better? My mom fell in love with him too and we felt this urge that he belonged to our family. There's something just so special about him. So far, he's brought so much more happiness into my life and we've only had him for 2 days. I've been going through very hard times and this love bug just brightens my day! He's our 4th dog... THAT'S RIGHT! I'm probably going to end up being a crazy dog lady with 20 dogs living in my house, it's bound to happen. Anyways, enjoy these pictures I took the day we brought him home! Welcome to the family, Flynn!