JWP takes on Blizzard Jonas (Brothers)

WHAT A DAY! It was so nice having the day off because that almost NEVER happens! My mind is always racing back and forth so fast because of how busy I am at times. It gets very overwhelming, but having the day off kept my crazy mind a tad more at peace.  There's nothing better than having a mini photoshoot with the Weaver pups (Abby Cakes, Sadie Wadie, Bella Bagels, and Young Master Flynnigan Rider Jr. if you were wondering) and watching Friends on Netflix. I just have this satisfying feeling now that I spent a FULL day just to dedicate to my relaxation and "me" time. That's what I challenge you to do one of these next snowy days. Take time for yourself, sit back, and relax. Even if you aren't affected by this blizzard madness, take a moment to drop all of the studying, working, editing, or whatever stressful thing you may be doing, and take a few moments to make yourself happier! I promise after taking some time for yourself, you'll feel more satisfied and restart the day more positive. Lastly, I would like to say thank you to Nick, Joe, and Kevin for all of this snow, it is greatly appreciated.