Christ has Risen // What does this mean for us?

Hey guys! Who else is super excited that it's FINALLY spring break?! Jesus is risen, flowers are in bloom, and a preview of summer is among us. As we dive into this holiday of egg painting, the Easter Bunny, and loads of chocolate, we have to make sure that we focus on what is most important and why Easter even exists.

2016 years ago, the Son of God was was nailed onto a criminal's cross for us. He was sinless, and He loved us so much that He went through lashes and beatings, and had His hands and feet pierced to a cross, struggling to breath. After He died on that cross, His body was placed behind a sealed stone. On the third day, that stone was miraculously rolled away, and His body wasn't there. (See Luke 23-24 in the New Testament of the Bible).

He has risen.

What does this mean for us? Well, I'm glad you asked. Because God sent His one and only son, Jesus, to die on a cross, this means that the barrier between man and God is torn down. Jesus went through this pain and suffering so we could be healed. We now have the opportunity to have a personal relationship with Him and He grants us eternal life in Heaven if we answer Jesus's call to accept Him as our Lord and Savior. This barrier between us and God is sin and the definition of sin is putting ourselves before God.  Jesus has given us the opportunity to have the Holy Spirit live in us, but this is only if we believe in who He is and if we surrender our desires and follow His. Jesus knows what each and every one of us is going through. He wants to be your comfort and strength when you're grieving for the loss of a loved one. He wants to hold your hand as you have a tough journey ahead when trying to plan you near future of college or that new job. He wants you to call out to Him when you're feeling worthless and broken. 

I grew up in a Christian home, but I never really realized who Christ truly was, and what He did for us until I was 11 years old. Ever since I accepted Christ's call to live in my heart, it had made my appreciation for life so much more deep, and little did I know, at the age of 11, I was really going to need His strength 5 years later. In a future blog post, I will go in depth about my journey with Christ, but I thought pouring my heart into starting an journey with Christ was just in time for this Easter season.

I hope everyone has a happy Easter and has memorable times with friends in family. Christ is risen, friends!