AJ Workshop // Scottsdale, Arizona

It's Saturday so you know what that means... BLOG POST TIME!!!! Today I'm going to completely RAVE about my recent adventure to Scottsdale, Arizona for the Amy & Jordan Workshop! 

On Saturday, my dad (my best travel partner) and I flew into Phoenix, and went straight to the closest Starbucks (of course). After enjoying my venti-iced-coffee and blueberry muffin, we had some time to kill so we went to ASU to look around the campus (which was BEAUTIFUL). Later that night we had dinner at this adorable outdoor Mexican restaurant with my brother's family! 

And guys... this trip to the desert I saw a legit cactus for the FIRST TIME! Jordan and Amy taught us that the most common cactus is called the saguaro cactus. (Like the emoji!) All of the scenery was so beautiful, and I just wanted to take pictures of EVERYTHING!

These are my nephews and niece, Maxwell, Dashiell, and Phoebe. I'm so proud to be their aunt, these kids are so smart and talented, and I'm so thankful I got to visit them on this trip!

That same night, (on such a full stomach from the most delicious chocolate cake I've ever had) there was a a kick-off for the AJ workshop and this is when I met so many amazing photographers from around the country at all various stages in their businesses. We broke the ice, and got to know the little things about each other. Amy is obsessed with Gilmore Girls, Jordan knows politics in and out, Alex is fluent in 4 languages, Ryland and Michelle knew the most about banking, the other Michelle is raising 2 teenage girls, Tiffany (like the jewelry) knows everything about NSYNC, and there's many others, but my point is that I truly got to know these attendees and the little things that we know about each other makes these friendships so unique.

After making these new friends, we dove into the first day of the workshop. This day was dedicated towards photography, and Amy and Jordan showed us tips about posing, lighting, and their secrets that make their workflow run smoothly and their style consistent. (Plus I was introduced to Cookie Butter, if that is not present in your life at the moment I 100% recommend you go to Trader Joe's ASAP and get some of that heavenly delight.)

Here are some of my favorite behind-the-scenes shots of Jordan!

The second day, we dove into the behind-the-scenes material of taking our businesses to the next level. Jordan gave us a nice-and-early-morning wake up by singing the Lion King... Ofccourse my brain was still set on east coast time! My camera was Simba. (LOL!!!) Amy also took our headshots which was so fun because all of us are so used to being behind the camera! 

I've learned so many valuable skills at this workshop and I've been so blessed to have been able to travel across the country and meet some of my #1 role-models. I first met Amy and Jordan at the Come Together event in Fredericksburg over the summer with Katelyn James. Their bright personalities always light up the room, and they are definitely "relationship goals!" If you are thinking about attending one of their workshops, I say GO! It's definitely worth investing in your business and learning how to give my clients the best experience they can have. This workshop inspired me to pour my heart into my business.

(Here's a little throwback for ya, about a years difference!)


I'm definitely dipping my toe into the waters of wedding photography this year by second shooting 16 weddings for the experience, and this workshop inspired me to dive into this crazy industry and my goal is to shoot my own weddings next year!

I'm going to end this blog post with my favorite picture (and a new hashtag). Everyone meet #simbathecamera, be sure to follow my adventures with the hashtag #juliaweavertravels. Love you guys! XOXO

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