Liberty University // College For A Weekend!

One of the most stressful times for most of us is upon us upperclassmen. That's right. COLLEGE... WHAT?! Whether it's keeping up the grades, scoring the SAT, or even waiting for acceptance letters, this part of our lives determine what our futures will be... or that's what society tells us. I like to look at it from a different perspective. Sure, grades and test scores are important and show work ethic, but sometimes, at least for me, we get too worked up about not getting that "A" and it eats us alive. One major trait about me is that I'm a proud nerd. If I do not get an "A" on an assignment I want to scream. I know sounds ridiculous, right? (but I'm sure I'm not the only one!)

Over these past few years of high school, my faith in Christ has grown more and more. Sure I may cringe a tad when I don't get a good grade, but I've come to realize that it's not one little assignment that determines our fate. God already knows our future. We need to find comfort in the fact that He has a plan for you and me. If you don't pass that one little assignment, it's okay. If you didn't get elected as class president, it's okay! We are alive and well, and God is not done with us yet! With that being said, I attended Liberty University's "College For a Weekend" last week, and God has made me more confident in what I'm looking for in a college. The unique thing about Liberty is that they have a large gathering called Convocation three times a week, where they worship and listen to different speakers from all over. Before each class they pray, and the professors relate their curriculum to Scripture. Everyone I met while I was there shared the same fire for Christ and the atmosphere was exhilarating with the Holy Spirit flooding. 

I stayed with my friend, Hannah Gaston, at her dorm for the weekend and we participated in so many fun activities that made me love the campus even more. From going the the Rend Collective concert (their Irish accents were the best thing I've ever heard) to the midnight lacrosse game, from spending quiet time in the Word at the library (which is the biggest library I've ever been in) to dressing up and going to a fashion show, from drinking milkshakes at Cookout to attending classes, I made some incredible memories with some amazing people.

If you're a high-schooler and are trying to see what colleges appeal to you, I highly recommend attending #CFAW at Liberty to get that thrilling college experience while spending time with Jesus. Here are just a few highlights of my awesome weekend at LU!