Being Young Is Not a Disadvantage, It Is Abundant with Opportunities

Hey friends! Long time, no blog, I know I'm guilty! I may have missed a week, BUT I've been really pouring my heart into this blog post for a while now, and I think it's the perfect time to post this with summer just around the corner.

I'm young. I don't want to keep my age a secret. I think it's important to share this because I don't want to appear a lot older online than I truly am, to where people don't know me in the right way. I want my followers to know that I am a rising senior in high school. Some of my classmates are probably reading this like "Julia what are you doing?" but I recently gained a wider audience of photographers from across the country (almost at 2000, I can't thank you guys enough!!!!) With that said I want to freely post pictures on my Instagram of my everyday life as a senior who's juggling her academics and her small photography business. I want to be as open as I can and inspire people to pursue their dreams early on.  Of course sometimes I wish I was older so I could be more independent and fully financially stable on my own. We tend to compare ourselves to others in the industry and we just having to remember that just because someone else is a success doesn't mean you're a failure. Being a teenager diving into a dream to pursue holds a world full of opportunities and open doors and behind those doors are new doors and so on and so on.  

The main point of this blog post was to keep myself open about who I am and not hide my identity behind my social media accounts. I cannot wait to share my adventures of my senior year with Friday Night Lights, homecoming, prom, my senior portraits, graduation, college acceptance letter and so many more exciting things. This is what senior year is all about, truly finding yourself and making unforgettable memories along the way. I have a general idea of who I want to be, but this year is to strive for taking those huge leaps of faith and seeing what happens. I'm making the attempt to grow more confidence in myself and facing my insecurities. 

I'm a proud student and small-business owner and I love living such a busy life. I don't want my age to hold me back from being the best I can be. I'm so glad I made the decision to share the adventures I'm starting along the way of my senior year. I'm a proud #babybosslady!!!

Photos by Hope Taylor Photography

Photos by Hope Taylor Photography