Why Summer 2016 is my Giant Leap of Faith

Hey friends! It's FINALLY hitting me that summer is among us! It's so easy to get caught up it in all of the chaos with AP summer work and spending nights in front of the laptop screen. (Currently my eyes are burning). Can anyone relate?! 

There's a few things that I'm up to this summer that I thought were worth sharing! One thing that I'm SUPER excited about is that I started an internship at my church. YAY! I work in the communications and creative department, so I help with handling social media, creating graphics, and taking lots and lots of pictures of course! It's something that I feel very passionate about, and it fills me with such joy that I can serve the Lord through my love for creative technology. Making these graphics to potentially lead someone to Christ absolutely warms my heart. This door that God has opened for me is starting to open my eyes of the plans he has for me to grow spiritually and eventually preparing for the next step in my life, whatever it may be!

Since I started working at my church, I've had the privilege to be involved behind the scenes and take part in the work to prepare for Sunday mornings. This also means that I study the sermon notes for each Sunday and make social media posts for certain aspects of the message. It's a super fun way to spread God's word through social media and spreading His light virtually throughout the day. It allows me to grow in my own journey in Christ, while reaching others with the life-changing love of Jesus. 

One verse that I want to leave you with this week has been a quote that has continued to knock on my heart since this past Sunday is by David Jeremiah, "The enemy tests us to bring the worst out in us. God tests us to bring the best out in us." God is going to put obstacles and mazes in our lives, and our faith will develop as we turn to God through each trial. These tests eventually make our testimony.  I'm mentioning my internship because I felt that it may inspire someone to serve at their church. I first started volunteering at my church last year as a "camera guy," then that led to the opportunity to start directing behind the scenes on Sunday mornings, then that led to photographing services every now and then, and then that led to my photos being noticed and I was recommended to apply for a summer internship. My point is that one step in faith can lead to another, and God will continue to open doors and supply opportunities. Jehovah Jireh= The Lord will provide. That is a saying that our Pastor taught us this past Sunday.

My challenge for you is that if you attend a church, look into the opportunities available to serve this summer whether it's working behind the scenes with creative technology, working with kids for VBS, or even helping set up. I promise one small step will lead to a giant leap of faith, just like it turned into for me.

Photo by Katie Hauburger Photography

Photo by Katie Hauburger Photography