Why I LOVE Creative At Heart and Why YOU Should Too!!!

The Creative At Heart Conference has changed the way I view and manage my photography business, and the memories I've made with these like-minded, supportive creatives were quite unforgettable! I truly don't want to spoil anything, but all I have to say is that if you're on the line on whether you eventually want to attend or not, DO IT! From the travel experience in Denver (they're next conference is in Memphis, TN.... register HERE ) to connecting with the industries' most inspiring educators, it is COMPLETELY worth the investment, and you will make friendships like none other!!! Here are some images of people who make me super happy, and my traveling adventure this summer in Denver, CO!

Shoutout to Alicia Lacey for some of my amazing headshots!

Amy and Jordan Demos, Katelyn James, Natalie Franke, and Kat Schmoyer... Boy these wonderful people sure do inspire me!!!!!

And here it is... MY SECOND VLOG!!!! Go check out some of the footage I got in Denver, and hear a little bit on why Creative At Heart makes my heart so warm!!!