Finding a New Style // Ashlyn and Travis

I've known Miss Ashlyn since I was in the second grade. My old next door neighbor, mentor and faith, and sister in Christ. We have so many memories together, from going to Jonas Brother concerts to worshipping together at church; she has always been by my side. When she asked me to take engagement photos of her and her fiance, Travis, my heart warmed with joy. You'll also get to meet Tucker, who is my SPIRIT ANIMAL!!! Anyways, their relationship is beautiful in so many ways, and it is so apparent that their faith in Christ is what truly holds them close. There's no better way I can think of a returning blog post, and I cannot wait to attend their wedding in May!!!

Whoa! Julia... 1. Where have you been? 2. Why does your style in this post seem super different than your other posts?

Senior year of high school: "Relax," they said, "senior year you're supposed to wind down before college," They said. Hahahahaha YEAH RIGHT! I have to say that senior year has been extremely busy with work from my AP classes and extracurriculars, and there's always something new each day that has to be done, involving school ALONE.  I have to admit, there has been some nights with tears and anxiety for many different reasons: grief, stress from school, intimidated by my future aspirations, but through these trials, we just have to trust in God. Trust that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel, and the hard work WILL pay off!!! There are only 2.5 short months until I walk across that stage in a sweaty cap and gown in the June heat, and I cannot WAIT to see what's in store for the next four years (that will be for a different blog post my friends).

Over the course of this year, in the middle of finding who I truly am, I had an extreme wake up call in the midst of my studying. I felt called to try something new with my editing, so here it is. Does this mean my style is permanently like this? Of course not, that is what makes photography such a beautiful art, you get to play around a little bit! I used to be so stressed about having the perfectly curated feed, with bright pink and mint green scattered across my Instagram grid (this was hard to try in the winter... the struggle was REAL. My style is shifting back to more light and colourful with spring here, but I thought it was appropriate to dip my toes into something out of my comfort zone. And this... is DEFINITELY out of my comfort zone to show a completely different editing technique!!!

My eagerness and excitement to write is definitely back, and it's time to make these dreams come true, take out the old workshop/conference notebooks, and start making my hopes a reality my friends. And before you say it... I know... these pictures were taken in the FALL, the actual photos may be a little older, but their love for each other is as real as ever and these photos exemplify that.

Again... Tucker is my spirit animal...

Love my girl Ashlyn!!!!!