Elegant and Joyful Blush Wedding At the Barn At Walnut Grove in Elkton, Virginia // Anna & Josh

Picture this: It's 2011. You're sitting with your cousin at her church on a Sunday morning. The church's Sunday bulletin gets passed down to you with a note written on it. You look over and realize it's from a very handsome boy. You exchange notes on this bulletin back and forth throughout the service. You didn't get the chance to talk to him in person that day, but your cousin gave you his number. SCORE. 7 years later, you'd say "I do" and marry the man that first wrote to you on the little church bulletin. 

This is when it all started for Anna and Josh, one of the most precious couples I've ever had the pleasure of working with. When I first met Anna at a Starbucks near JMU's campus, she told me all about their story. Their adorable beginning, how he incorporated all of their "firsts" into his proposal on the week of Christmas. (He used the bulletin from the SAME day they first met writing notes to each other). He used different gifts to symbolize certain points in their relationship throughout the week, then he proposed to her with her great-grandmother's engagement ring on Christmas Eve!

Hearing and witnessing Anna and Josh's love story filled my heart with so much joy. They are living proof that pure love indeed does exist, and their Christ-centered marriage inspires me endlessly. 

Here are some highlights from Anna and Josh tying the knot at The Barn at Walnut Grove in Elkton, VA!!

I absolutely adored Anna's bride tribe. These ladies spread contagious joy and light, and it was an honor getting to know such phenomenal women!

Here comes the tears. The most genuinely happy tears. Anna and Josh wrote each other letters for each to read before their first look (we were ALL in tears at that point).

The bridal party first looks were almost just as priceless :)

Thank the Lord for the beautiful sunshine! Despite the rainy forecast, as I drove from one burg to the other, the clouds turned into blue skies, and the sweat started rollin' down our faces with the Shenendoah heat!

Toasts describing crazy adventures and a rap tuned to the Fresh Prince of Belair theme song? I think YES.

My girl Taylor was CRUSHING it on the dance floor! She definitely deserves special recognition because she had nothing but a positive and joyful attitude despite her need for her crutches. She did not let it stop her from slaying the Cupid Shuffle!

Another shoutout to Katie for making sure everything ran smoothly throughout the day, and for also educating the young ones with the best dance moves I've ever seen.

FUNNY STORY TIME: My second shooter, Kelsey, and I went location scouting for golden-hour portraits and we found a beautiful, glowy field near the venue. We were approached by some goats while we were on the search for this field. I reached into my inner goat whisperer and yelled "BAAAHH," and at least 5 of these goats looked up at me in complete synchronization, and one responded to me!!! You had to have been there, guys, I was freaking out. If it doesn't get any better than that, the light was breathtaking at golden hour after we stuffed our faces with delicious cupcakes! I did an extremely embarrassing happy dance looking at the back of the camera with the gorgeous light!

A huge thank you to...

Second Shooter: Kelsey Williams

Dress & Bridesmaid's Dresses: Amandas Touch Bridal and Formal

Hair and Makeup: Foilz Hair Studio

Florist: Blakemore's Flowers

Venue: Barn at Walnut Grove

DJ: DJ Chris from Sound Master DJ's

Cake: The Historical Homemaker Bakery and Cafe 

Catering: Hank's

Invitations: Simply to Impress