The Fredericksburg Fair // Katie and Maddie

Sequins, rides, and cotton candy... This shoot had it all! Katie and Maddie are such dolls and we had such a fun time at the fair! We ran into one problem though... Light was running low because it was a cloudy day! You'll never guessed the way we improvised! After the golden light was gone, I had a solution for more pictures, THE MERRY-GO-ROUND!!! It's not your typical light source but it WORKED and we got some genuinely fun shots! Then, the photoshoot fun just couldn't stop. What was next? COTTON CANDYYYYY (my favorite... and I'm a diabetic... what a coincidence)!!!!! There was a cheap light in front of the huge cotton candy stand, so we took advantage of it! With a few minor adjustments in light room, this shoot was definitely taking advantage of the sources of light. Plus, the beautiful scene of the ferris wheel lights was the PERFECT background to show off these beautiful girls. Love you, Maddie and Katie!