My name is Julia Weaver, and I am:

A lover of Jesus: He is the foundation of my life and my business. He gives me the courage to pursue my passions that set my soul on fire, and gives me the ability to fully love who I serve.

A SMADDIE DUKE: I’m a Media Arts and Design major at James Madison University with a minor in political science. JMU has fostered my growth in character and intellect, and I’m beyond grateful to be a student at such a phenomenal institution.

A DANCING QUEEN: I can easily say I co-lead one of the best small groups. These girls have taught me more of Jesus’ character and have given me a deeper understanding on what loving Jesus and loving others truly looks like. I’m so thankful for each one of my queens.

Julia Weaver.jpg

A doodle owner: (4 to be exact) Abby the labradoodle, Sadie the aussiedoodle, Bella the goldendoodle, and Flynn the cockapoo have my heart.

Oldies listener: and I mean OLDIES! I’m convinced I lived in the 40s in a past life if reincarnation was a thing. Frank Sinatra, Johnny Mathis, Billie Holiday, and Dean Martin are constantly playing on my “Oldies but Goodies” playlist on Spotify.

A Hamilton freak: Down for a cabinet rap battle or simply a Hamilton jam sesh? I have memorized the whole freaking show. One of my biggest dreams came true on March 18, 2017.

A traveling fanatic: I’ve been to eight countries, and I hope to have more adventures in new places whether they’re local or international.

Ah yes, I also photograph graduating high school and college seniors, couples, and weddings! I proudly serve seniors and couples in the Fredericksburg & Harrisonburg, VA area with availability to travel! I’m here to simply make connections with people and to share the love!